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The Census & Civil Disobedience: No Check Box for My Kidlet

Excuse me while I have a bit of a rant today, my friends. The subject of my rant is actually nothing new, I’m sorry to report. It actually began with the last census in 2000, it seems. But at that time I was either unaware, unenlightened, or not close enough to the issue for it […]

Open Adoption Roundtable #3: My Wishlist

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth…really. It only seems that way. And no, the prospect of Boundary Crossers didn’t run me off. I’ve just been drowning…work, life, you name it. It’s been sapping my reserves. But first things first. I want to thank all of you for your supportive and helpful […]

Don’t Go Crossing My Boundaries

I belong to an Open Adoption Blogger webring. Some of you might find this curious since, of late, I rarely seem to blog about adoption. Sure, I’m very forthright about how our daughter joined our family and have no shame about adoption or infertility. It’s just that initially when I wrote about open adoption, and […]

Two is a Magic Number

Saturday was an amazing and special day. The munchkinette turned 2. Two years old! How did that happen? It seemed that all I did was blink and she went from newborn to toddler. I know they say it goes so fast, but does it ever! The party was a blur, as was my child. The […]

When The Monkeys Start Throwing Shit

I’m hoping that I can lure my readers/commenters back with tonight’s sordid little tale. I get it. You don’t want to discuss my giant zucchini, serial killer novels or cute YouTube videos. Well today, I’ve got something for you. Zizi is asleep and AdoringHusband is out, so I’m blessed with the peace and quiet to […]

I’m A Non-Mom Mom

According to Teleflora, I’m a non-mom mom. I wasn’t aware of my non-mom mom status until one of the women on my adoption board passed on the information about the lovely Americas Favorite Mom contest being run by Teleflora, with sponsorship by NBC, Kraft, MySpace and Redbook. The contest seems innocuous enough until you look […]


I know. Way to leave people hanging, huh? Did I get out of the hospital or am I still in there languishing? The good news…I got out on Friday, just in time to pick up Z at daycare after her cupcake party and get in some toddler loving before she went to bed. All I […]

Protected: Hair o’ the Dog

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Protected: Taking Off the Hair Shirt

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Protected: Can I Take A Moment To Vent?

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