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The Day She Turned 3

I’m not sure when it happened. I’ll bet that it was right under our collective noses. But somehow my little baby peapod grew up and turned 3. Seemed like just yesterday we were wheeling her out of the hospital in the stroller that seemed so big: We took her home, making sure she got lots […]

The Portugal Saga, Part II: Vacation?

OK, so we left off on the drive to Club Med. Let’s continue. It took us 40 minutes to drive from the airport in Faro to Albufeira. While Zara slept peacefully, (finally), a couple in the backseat of the transport bus had an infant who cried the entire ride. Clearly they did not believe in […]

The Portugal Saga, Part 1: Getting There

Let’s begin this tale of our interesting vacation right at the beginning. How about your reliving with me the drama we experienced in getting there? And so begins our tales of Travels with Toddler… Would it surprise you to learn that despite all my attempts at preparation, as the afternoon of the 19th progressed, we […]

Ah Portugal…

So here’s the thing. If I wait until I can write about the trip in its entirety, you won’t have a post or pictures for a good while. There is just too much to talk about. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll start with what I usually put at the end: the photos. That […]

Travels With Toddler

Well we are just a few days away from getting on the plane for our trip to (Da Balaia Resort, Club Med), located in the Algarve area in Portugal. Am I looking forward to relaxing and getting away from it all with Jubby (aka Miss Zizi) and AdoringHusband? Well, no. I’m more freaked out about […]

Signs That You May Be Losing It

I suck. It’s been ages since my last post. Actually I did write a post last week but stupid WordPress lost it somehow and I was too pissed to recreate it. I’m tired. Very, very tired. Being tired wouldn’t be so bad if one were allowed to have time to sleep or at least sit […]

Ivy League Morons

I’ve always thought of myself as being a fairly smart person. And I know that AdoringHusband considers himself to be incredibly smart. So why is it that two smart, Ivy League educated, graduate degree having, multilingual folks can fail at something so basic….something so absolutely incontrovertibly easy, that I know I risk losing your respect […]

Dr. Mommy’s Magic Butt Paste

Every once in a while, being a pediatrician mom comes in handy. I’m not talking about those times when the other mothers are worried about the sugar content of infant formula, and you’re like puleeze, forget sugar! I’m more worried about neuroblastoma, histiocytosis X, and rheumatoid arthritis! My pediatric background ratchets up the worry meter […]

Little Girl’s Baptism

I know that you all have wondered whether I dropped off the face of the earth last week. “What happened with the baptism,” friends queried via e-mail. Yet I was waiting to post…waiting until the magnificent Sarah Bloom finished working on the pictures she took for me of the ceremony and reception. And when you […]

I’m Hat

I’m sure you all remember my little tale about Heidi. Well, since then Heidi has become my little buddy. I have to look out for her and make sure that she isn’t exploring the world of garbage anymore. Anyway, I ran into Heidi and her mother in BabiesRUs a few weeks ago. I explained to […]

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