Welcome To The Dollhouse

Giving It Up

Adoptive breastfeeding, that is. I’ve decided to stop all the machinations I’ve gone through in order to nurse Zara. However, it isn’t the nursing that is getting to me. It’s the other crap I have to do, mainly the pumping. I am so tired of that goddamn breastpump. I’ve been pumping since February of this […]

The Cutest Polar Bear Ever

Everyone, Thanks for all your thoughts and feedback on my last post. I know that people probably meant no harm, but I think Psychobabbler’s comment touched on what I’ve felt was the underlying message behind the statement: (1) I think on some level the comment arises from the assumption that “biological is better” and they’re […]

And What Do I Say To That?

Here’s the situation. AdoringHusband and I are often out and about with Miss Zizi, who, by the way, is growing cuter with each passing day. It will happen that we will be at someone’s barbecue, chilling out, and the conversation turns to our fabulous Zara. There will be the whole nanny versus day care question, […]

How Do You Say “Breast Milk” In French?

Hey everyone, I’m here on my last night in lovely Monaco. I didn’t get time to do much sightseeing, but I did take some pics that I will post after I return. I’m leaving on an 11:30 AM flight and will be home by 6 PM (through JFK) tomorrow. I had my handy breast pump […]

My Child, The Whoopie Cushion

We are less than 60 days from Zizi’s first Halloween. Though she will be almost 6 months then, she is not likely to grasp the import of this Halloween experience. However her doting parents will no doubt be grinning like lunatics as she is paraded around the neighborhood in her little costume. Ah but what […]

Saturday Randomness

Yeah, I know you’ve thought I dropped off the face of the earth, but no, I’m still here. I’ve had several blog posts swirling around in my brain but my energy level was so low, I just couldn’t get into them. In fact, I started this post on Saturday, thus the title. Please note that […]

My Diva Baby

You may remember that I wrote about the Celebrating Adoption project. A group of photographers nationwide have donated their time for free photo sessions for families formed through adoption. I checked the list for PA and found a photographer down the street from where we live. Well yesterday was our photo session. Miss Zara barely […]

Hawaii and a Girl Called "Yum"

For some reason that seems to be apparent to us, Zara is rarely called by her name. Generally we refer to her as some version of the word, “Yum.” As in: Yum-yum Yummis Yumnacious Yummis of Yum Yummy Well Miss Yum enjoyed her trip to Hawaii. After all my fussing about how she would do on the […]

Zizi Makes Poopie

Thank you, thank you all for your help with our travel preparations! Every comment was most appreciated. I now have confidence that we will make it through this sojourn without too much difficulty. Honolulu, here we come! Though we leave on Friday, I’ll no doubt be frantically packing tomorrow, so tonight I will leave you […]

Travels With Baby

Shifting gears once again, now I’m back to talking about things baby. On Friday, AdoringHusband, Zizi and I leave for Hawaii. It will be a 10 hour flight. A 10 hour flight, people, with a 3 month old. In truth, I don’t know that I have actually wrapped my mind around what this will entail. […]

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