Welcome To The Dollhouse

Why Bother?

Ever since the months of steroids, feeling like crud, and dealing with hypertension and other maladies, my general approach to my appearance has been “why bother?” This is not to say that I leave the house wearing raggedy sweats and days of body odor. Not at all. I’m clean. My clothes are clean. But the […]

Excuse Me While I Go Batshit For A Moment

Last week in my return to blogging post, I wrote that I’d be doing a lot more real life, everyday blogging. And then I disappeared. In my defense, there was a mini-vacation over the holiday weekend: Hershey, PA. Fun, but no diva vacation like I had hoped. The kidlet seemed to have a great time, […]

Lung Disease & Shifting Perspectives-Part II

The Crap I seem to have a very ridiculous default position. No matter how far I’ve come, or how many years I’ve had in therapy, when the world starts falling down around me, my default belief is that I am deserving of punishment. Whatever is happening: health problems, marital difficulty, or zombie uprising, the belief […]

Lung Disease & Shifting Perspectives

I call this diptych, Perspectives. It’s the same shot with two different processings. When I look at it, I find my eyes being drawn to one interpretation of these water droplets, then moving to the other. Somber/heartening. Moody/incipient. I cycle back and forth with evocation. This diptych represents my life during the past two months. […]

Still Here…Not Dead Yet

I know it’s been a long time, but guess what? I’m still here. You’ve probably wondered what’s been keeping me from updating the blog like I used to. All I can reply is life. Life has been extraordinarily challenging of late. When my boss quit at the end of September I knew that we were […]

How Do You Help A Friend?

How do you help a friend who willfully denies the crisis that is her life? That’s the question I posed to myself last Friday after reaching a point of utter incredulity in my conversation with Nadia (name changed for privacy). “Are you fucking with me or are you utterly demented?” I had just asked in […]

Scott Taper Ain’t The Boss of Me

There seems to be a full moon tonight. I know that this was supposed to bring out werewolves and the crazy folk, but is it also a jackass attractant? I know. You’re wondering where’s she going with this and who the heck is Scott Taper? Well I’m getting to the former and the latter is […]

Bee-yotch Squared

I’ll admit it. I’ve never really understood or gotten along well with most women. Except for my shoe fetishism, I just don’t have the female hardwiring. I never have. Evil Mother socialized me in a more gender neutral manner (though there was occasional emphasis on being ladylike…something I never heeded). So all the fawning over […]

The Metaphor That Made My Head Explode

Sometimes you find the most intriguing information on Twitter. Not too long ago (OK, it was about 2 weeks ago, but you try to find time to blog coherently with a job as nutty as mine has been lately) a tweet from Feministe popped up giving a teaser for a new posting. The title is […]

When The Monkeys Start Throwing Shit

I’m hoping that I can lure my readers/commenters back with tonight’s sordid little tale. I get it. You don’t want to discuss my giant zucchini, serial killer novels or cute YouTube videos. Well today, I’ve got something for you. Zizi is asleep and AdoringHusband is out, so I’m blessed with the peace and quiet to […]

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