Welcome To The Dollhouse

The Things You Learn About Shapewear

Despite my major love of shoes, I must confess that I’m so not good at being a girl. It pains me to wear dresses, mostly because of my hatred of stockings, but also because I suddenly feel that I have to look better when I wear a dress or a skirt. I start hunting for […]


Last Saturday I dragged Z across the bridge to New Jersey in order to pick up my order from The Container Store that I was too cheap to have shipped to the house. She was pretty excited to go to New Jersey, which, in her imagination, she thought of as a place to go have […]

Fake Tree, Fake Apples…What The Heck?

I’ve returned to my long-ignored blog because I saw something yesterday that I need the help of my internet friends to help me figure out. I just cannot make any sense of what my eyes saw. None whatsoever. I was exiting a conference room at work on Wednesday and passed what looked to be a […]

You Mean You Don’t Worry About That Too?

You Mean You Don’t Worry About That Too or Reason #207 Why I Love My Husband What? You mean that you don’t worry all the time that your car is going to blow up every time you start it? Are you telling me that fear isn’t common or (gulp) normal? Well…I don’t know what my […]

What Do Normals Do?

The really cool and fun thing about blogging about yourself is that no matter how out there or different you think your experiences may be, you can usually find another traveler who has also journeyed along your particular offshoot path. My doppelganger is my fellow blogger-doc-mom Kayla. She was quick to let me know that […]

Being Normal

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day. Clear skies, great temperatures. Just gorgeous. Now had I followed my usual habits that day, I would have slept as late as the kid would have allowed, rolled around in my jammies for too long, and then start trying to balance the work that I need to do […]

My Love Connection Debacle, For Your Viewing Pleasure

I cringe as I type this post. I’m serious. The 47 year old me is looking back at that 26 year old me and thinking, what the hell? Were you on bad drugs or just loopy in the head? But a promise is a promise. And a long, long time ago, I promised my 3 […]

Summertime Confusion

How many of you know the beautiful song, Summertime, from the Gershwin opera Porgy & Bess? If your answer is yes, good on you. If no, then you can be in the company of my dear AdoringHusband who had never heard the song, nor had he heard of the opera before I clued him in. […]

This Is What Happens…

This is what happens when you give a toddler with a sense of humor a choice. I tried employing the Love & Logic method in practice this morning (you remember, lots of offerings of 2 alternate choices) by giving the kidlet a choice of either putting her panties on her butt-butt or putting them on […]

Conversations With Zizi: The Anatomy Lesson

I debated with myself all day about whether or not I should write this post. Doing so would probably cement my status as a mommy blogger from hell whose kid is going to end up on some therapist’s couch. I never wanted to be that mommy blogger… I never wanted to cross that line. Yet […]

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