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Goodness, 7 Years?

It’s the Ides of March and you know what that means…yep, the day that the AdoringOne and I made it official: 3/15/03 Unlike last year and that truly healing weekend (and evocative blog posting), this anniversary snuck up on us between Zara’s meltdowns and my febrile strep throat and productive cough. Honestly I felt more […]

Open Adoption Roundtable #3: My Wishlist

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth…really. It only seems that way. And no, the prospect of Boundary Crossers didn’t run me off. I’ve just been drowning…work, life, you name it. It’s been sapping my reserves. But first things first. I want to thank all of you for your supportive and helpful […]

Sweet as Candy

6 years. That’s how long we’ve been married. Not long for many people, but definitely long for us considering how we started. For us, 6 years is a great milestone. On a sunny Saturday in March (March 15, 2003, to be precise) we were joined as husband and wife. Until the day my daughter was […]

Ceilings Removed

I’m having a hard time writing about Tuesday. It was such an historic day that I really want to do it justice. But my thoughts are all over the place and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to express them coherently. I haven’t blogged much about the election, mostly because I felt that despite […]

Gone Baby Gone

When someone had a negative breast MRI in June, it is very hard to fathom how one is supposed to undergo a MRI-directed core biopsy in July. What tissue does one biopsy when there was nothing abnormal seen on the breast MRI (the definitive test) in the first place? This morning, after being stuck back […]

Enough About Dirt

One of my friends grew quite weary of my constant refrain on Wednesday that I was as old as dirt. From him I received the following: (click on the thumbnail to read) I’ve got good friends, don’t I? There was one last funny exchange on Wednesday night with my stepfather, though. Joe: Happy birthday! Me: […]

Pretty in Pink

I have to thank my dear blogger friend Deathstar for awarding me a Pink Rose Award. I am thrilled and honored that she sees my no nonsense take on life after adoption and on life in general as giving her hope. I have to tell you that with 5 days until my 45th birthday, no […]

Wishes for Today

Today was my second Mother’s Day as a mother. Last year at this time, everything was so new. New baby, new routine, new schedules, new phase of my life. But today, today I got to reflect at how much my life has changed now that I’ve got the added title of “mom” in my resume. […]

Flossing My Bling

From the Urban Dictionary: Flossing (or Flossin’): Showing off; showing what you’ve got. Bling: flashy or gaudy jewelry, named for the sound generated when worn. I guess that’s what you could say I’m doing today. I’m flossing the bling given to me by my dear husband as an anniversary present. But you know there is […]

99 Balloons

I was sent this link by one of my pediatrician friends. Now I am a tearful mess, wishing I was able to kiss my daughter’s little head right now. 99 Balloons Normally I’m pretty stoic, but I could not help be touched and enriched by these parents’ love for their son. I’m sure that you […]

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