Welcome To The Dollhouse

I’ve Got To Issue A Citation On This One

I know that none of us is grammatically perfect. See, that should be none of us are grammatically perfect. I left that error in place just to show that I’m as much of a screw up as the next guy. (Wait, is “none” singular or plural? “None” means “no one” so it should be singular.) […]

When The Monkeys Start Throwing Shit

I’m hoping that I can lure my readers/commenters back with tonight’s sordid little tale. I get it. You don’t want to discuss my giant zucchini, serial killer novels or cute YouTube videos. Well today, I’ve got something for you. Zizi is asleep and AdoringHusband is out, so I’m blessed with the peace and quiet to […]

I’ve Been Tagged

Goodness it has been so long since I’ve been tagged for a meme, I don’t even remember how it goes! But thanks to my friend, Deathstar, for her tag, you’re it. Let me see if I can jog my little memory engrams. 1. What were you doing 10 years ago? Working like a natural dog […]

Man Cold & How Weird Is My Husband

Man Cold OK, this is too freaking funny. AdoringHusband says that I should recognize the superior importance of the Man Cold. I’m sorry but men are too too much! Yeah, I know I should go back to blogging about something meaningful, but between my colonscopy (negative), my upcoming breast MRI (after a very slightly abnormal […]

Number Voodoo

Because I am now nearly prostrate with hunger as I wait for my colonoscopy, I thought I would share another silly distraction with you all. It was actually pretty cool, though I know my geeky husband would probably have a simple explanation for it. I just like to think of it as number voodoo. Grab […]

The Bathroom Etiquette They Never Teach You

Because I’m having to endure a day of hunger thanks to my clear liquid diet (and no red or orange clear liquids, thank you very much) in preparation for my lovely colonoscopy tomorrow, I’ve decided to post some of the randomness that is floating around in my head. Much of it, unsurprisingly, considering the task […]

Green & Yellow Teeth? Not So Good

I’ve been learning a lot this week it seems. First it was how to properly strap Little Girl into her car seat (and for those who requested pictures, they will not be forthcoming!) and now the ever important lesson that teeth should not appear green or yellow under any circumstances. Before anyone begins to think […]

What’s A Feminist To Do At Christmas?

Dear readers, Here I am doing my best to get my holiday vibe on, when The Man has to go messing with my head. (What man? I don’t know. Some man. Or maybe some woman. OK, I’ll just say Somebody. Now back to the problem). So what am I ranting about this time? Well I’m […]

Just Stuff

This is one of my random posts about things that don’t warrant a full post. Let’s call it the Postlette post. Solutions to She Doesn’t Fit Thanks for all the suggestions about how to handle Zizi-the-pretzel and the Orbit. I didn’t know that snowsuits and infant seats don’t go together. The good news is that […]

Exploring Her World

Is it just me, or is there something off here? I’d like your thoughts on my little tale. The story begins with a little girl at Zizi’s daycare center. This cute youngster is in the toddler room and looks to be between 18 months and 2 years old. I’ll call her Heidi. Most days I […]

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