Welcome To The Dollhouse

Tell Me About Yourself

I don’t know how many of you are regular readers of Salon, but last week there was a letter to Cary Tennis in his Since You Asked column that really caught my attention. I get grossed out when I hear, “I’m a mom!” I’m about to be a mom, actually, but I don’t want to […]

Protected: Taking Off the Hair Shirt

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

What’s A Feminist To Do At Christmas?

Dear readers, Here I am doing my best to get my holiday vibe on, when The Man has to go messing with my head. (What man? I don’t know. Some man. Or maybe some woman. OK, I’ll just say Somebody. Now back to the problem). So what am I ranting about this time? Well I’m […]


I’m sitting here in the business class lounge waiting for my flight to Nice, France, my waystation en route to Monte Carlo. Long story short, I’ve decided to go. I’ll return on Saturday. Zizi and Daddy are just fine with my decision. I’ve got to learn to stop all this angst and drama. Thanks for […]

Do You Know The Way to Monaco?

My friends, I’ve got a bit of a dilemma. I’m caught between my head and my heart; my feminism and my mommyhood. Because of this, I thought I would do my favorite thing and bring my problem to the internets. I’ve been traveling a good bit in the past month, and it is only scheduled […]

Things My Mother Taught Me

Miss Z is taking a post giant poopie nap, so I have a few quiet moments to myself this afternoon. I’ve been thinking about my (so far) lack of daycare mommy guilt and where this comes from in my family. I trace most of it back to my mom and the things she taught me. […]

One Small Victory

Received from my adoption agency today: Should I bother tell them that one either uses the title “Dr.” or the suffix “MD,” but not both together? Nah. I’m just glad to not be Mrs. HisLastName any more. Technorati tags: adoption, on gender, womanism

In The Books

Well it is official. As of today, we are officially in the books. I drove the profiles there myself. I expected some sort of ticker tape parade or pinata party in celebration, but alas there were no festivities to be found. I was told very simply that now the fun part begins: the waiting. And […]

I Was Annoyed, Now I’m Pissed

Yesterday I returned home to find another letter from our adoption agency (asking for $1200 for our home study course) that was addressed to Mr. & Mrs. HisFirstName HisLastName. Now you may remember my previous screed on this topic: Welcome to the Dollhouse: A Titular Mess So after all my complaints, corrections and pleading, this […]

A Titular Mess

Yes, I know. It’s Independence Day and I should be posting about freedom, liberty or at the very least, barbecues. But instead, I’m going to write about titles. Most of you who know me understand that I’ve been a cradle feminist. I was a feminist before I even knew was feminism was. Really, because it […]

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