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The Impact of a Mug: A Souvenir Story

I really thought that I was just bringing back some souvenir mugs. I had no idea that for my husband, one of the mugs would cause his skin to crawl as much as if he had awoken after having fallen asleep on an anthill. Let me explain. The Souvenir Last August, during my trip to […]

Brunch & Benign Sexism

Antipathy. That’s what I’m feeling about writing this post today. On one hand, I want to share the experience with you all, yet on the other hand, I know that many of you will see the events as yet another example of what happens when Liana thinks too much, something I’ve been accused of doing […]

You’re Black in Corporate America When…

I had to crib this post from Villager in the Electronic Village because it resonated a bit too much. He was nice enough to give me permission for this plagiarism. You Know You’re Black in Corporate America When… A coworker sees you and several Black colleagues at a casual lunch. Back at the office he/she […]

Some Things Just Boggle My Entire Mind

I would really like to be nice and polite and ask a tactful what am I missing here about this story. But there is nothing nice or polite about what follows. It is just a story that is unfuckingbelievable even to jaded ol’ me. Read for yourself: Family Fights ‘Ridiculous’ Benefit Denial Dollar Tree Says […]

Sometimes A Toy Is Just A Toy, And Then…

For some, a toy is just a toy; for others a toy can mean a whole lot more. After a week of reflecting on the comments people have offered on my last post here, on Open Salon and on Anti Racist Parent, this is the best summary statement that I can give of the majority […]

Ceilings Removed

I’m having a hard time writing about Tuesday. It was such an historic day that I really want to do it justice. But my thoughts are all over the place and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to express them coherently. I haven’t blogged much about the election, mostly because I felt that despite […]

Why Did I Watch This Movie?

Unlike a lot of black folk, I’ve never been a big fan of Tyler Perry. Well I’m not sure that’s really accurate because in order to decide whether or not you are a fan, you would have to have seen the person in question’s work. But I dunno…all the commercials for his Madea movies left […]

She’s, Um…Like You

Let me start this little post by saying first and foremost, I ain’t mad at the woman. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel, but anger isn’t part of the equation. With that out of the way, let me begin. Yesterday, we went to my favorite place for breakfast: IHOP. (Yes, even divas […]

Comparative Pain?

Boy, I seemed to have raised a lot of sand with my last post. I touched a lot of germophobes’ nerves. Yet I am glad to see that my assessment that playing in the trash was not a great exploration of her world for a toddler. Thanks for all the comments. I want to shift […]

Exploring Her World

Is it just me, or is there something off here? I’d like your thoughts on my little tale. The story begins with a little girl at Zizi’s daycare center. This cute youngster is in the toddler room and looks to be between 18 months and 2 years old. I’ll call her Heidi. Most days I […]

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