Welcome To The Dollhouse

Anatomy of a Family Photo

Crossposted from Eclectic Journey Photography Hi Friends, So here’s the question for the day: how many photos does it take to get the ideal Clark-Schecter holiday card picture? Now before you answer remember that this involves my being in front of the camera and not behind it. That added a degree of difficulty of about […]

What Do Normals Do?

The really cool and fun thing about blogging about yourself is that no matter how out there or different you think your experiences may be, you can usually find another traveler who has also journeyed along your particular offshoot path. My doppelganger is my fellow blogger-doc-mom Kayla. She was quick to let me know that […]

Being Normal

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day. Clear skies, great temperatures. Just gorgeous. Now had I followed my usual habits that day, I would have slept as late as the kid would have allowed, rolled around in my jammies for too long, and then start trying to balance the work that I need to do […]

Once Upon A Blog

Once upon a time I had a blog. I blogged to share, I blogged to vent, I blogged to process all that was my crazy life. It wasn’t always pretty or profound, but it was a great outlet for me. Yet somehow things began to change for me and blogging. It became more about crafting […]

Lung Disease & Shifting Perspectives-Part II

The Crap I seem to have a very ridiculous default position. No matter how far I’ve come, or how many years I’ve had in therapy, when the world starts falling down around me, my default belief is that I am deserving of punishment. Whatever is happening: health problems, marital difficulty, or zombie uprising, the belief […]

Still Here…Not Dead Yet

I know it’s been a long time, but guess what? I’m still here. You’ve probably wondered what’s been keeping me from updating the blog like I used to. All I can reply is life. Life has been extraordinarily challenging of late. When my boss quit at the end of September I knew that we were […]

Zizi & The Hula Hoop

Hi Friends, I know you need more blog writing from me than just intros to my photos, but I’m still hard at work editing client photos at night and trying to keep up with my day job during the sunlight hours. And then there’s the spending enough time with the kidlet part of the equation […]

Summertime Confusion

How many of you know the beautiful song, Summertime, from the Gershwin opera Porgy & Bess? If your answer is yes, good on you. If no, then you can be in the company of my dear AdoringHusband who had never heard the song, nor had he heard of the opera before I clued him in. […]

Conversations with My Husband: #197

This is an actual conversation that transpired between me and my dear AdoringHusband. First let me set the scene. For about the past, oh, 17,000 years I’ve been asking AdoringHusband to clean off the top of his chest in our bedroom.  In addition to the standard detritus of coins, old receipts, wrappers from cough drops, […]

Distracting You

I don’t even know how to begin. It’s been so freaking long since my last post that it is nothing but embarrassing. Sure I thought of about 20 or so topics in my head, but between the holiday prep, designing our holiday cards, screwing up our holiday photo shoot, and then taking forever to get […]

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