Welcome To The Dollhouse

Must See Fireworks!

I shot some great fireworks photos on the fourth. Visit the Eclectic Journey Photography blog and prepare to be amazed! Fireworks! And yes, one day soon I will write a real post here again. I promise!

It’s Barbie’s Fault

It all started because of that damned Barbie. Seriously. Way back in the early fall, I gave the kidlet a toy catalog to look at. Normally when I did this, the catalog would register as much importance to her as my having given her a wet sock. But alas, turning 3 does seem to make a kid […]

Happy Spring!

Make a Smilebox slideshow

Joshua Knew

This time of year, right before Christmas, I always remember one of my first patients in residency, Joshua. His story was so powerful when it happened back in 1988, that I eventually wrote about it and submitted the essay to JAMA, where it was published in 1993. I realized recently that I had kept this […]

Adventures in Holiday Picture Taking

It’s December…time for the great ordeal experience that is our holiday mailing. This is a tradition that I have foisted on myself over the past two decades. It’s origins lie within my perfectionism. That much is abundantly clear. But I will say that I inherited some of the tendency from Mommy Dearest. Initially when it […]

We Interrupt This Saga

For some Halloween cuteness!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the little butterfly, and her parents!

Ah Christmas

What a great Christmas we had this year for Zara’s first! We opted to stay in PA rather than making the trek to LA to be with the rest of the family. The house was decorated (inside and out), the tree trimmed, and the presents bought. Even Personalized Creations came through for us, after my […]

A Beautiful Christmas Surprise

Today I received an e-mail that just knocked me out of my socks. In a good way. The paralegal from our lawyer’s office wrote the words that just left me nonplussed: I am pleased to advise that the Court has signed the Adoption Order and certified copies of the Order are on their way to […]

Zizi and Santa

Last year at this time, I never would have believed that a mere one year later, I would be standing with my (employed) husband and our daughter waiting for her to sit on Santa’s lap. But here’s the evidence: Keep the faith, my friends. Good things can and do happen if you open yourself up […]

What’s A Feminist To Do At Christmas?

Dear readers, Here I am doing my best to get my holiday vibe on, when The Man has to go messing with my head. (What man? I don’t know. Some man. Or maybe some woman. OK, I’ll just say Somebody. Now back to the problem). So what am I ranting about this time? Well I’m […]

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