Welcome To The Dollhouse

My Love Connection Debacle, For Your Viewing Pleasure

I cringe as I type this post. I’m serious. The 47 year old me is looking back at that 26 year old me and thinking, what the hell? Were you on bad drugs or just loopy in the head? But a promise is a promise. And a long, long time ago, I promised my 3 […]

It’s All Fun & Games ‘Til Someone Shifts The Paradigm

I had to think of a unifying theme for these two little sniglets of stories I wanted to share tonight. They are unrelated and divergent enough that coming up with a unifying theme was a bit of a challenge. Yet when I put my thinking cap on, I realized that both reflected my increasing tendency […]

Conversations with My Husband: #197

This is an actual conversation that transpired between me and my dear AdoringHusband. First let me set the scene. For about the past, oh, 17,000 years I’ve been asking AdoringHusband to clean off the top of his chest in our bedroom.  In addition to the standard detritus of coins, old receipts, wrappers from cough drops, […]

Annoying Parent Strikes Again!

I think I’m in danger of getting my daughter kicked out of her daycare center for being that mom. And considering it’s a pretty amazing daycare center that she attends, that would be a really sad thing to have happen. But unfortunately I’m just one of those people who can’t seem to let things go. […]

The Metaphor That Made My Head Explode

Sometimes you find the most intriguing information on Twitter. Not too long ago (OK, it was about 2 weeks ago, but you try to find time to blog coherently with a job as nutty as mine has been lately) a tweet from Feministe popped up giving a teaser for a new posting. The title is […]

Adventures in Holiday Picture Taking

It’s December…time for the great ordeal experience that is our holiday mailing. This is a tradition that I have foisted on myself over the past two decades. It’s origins lie within my perfectionism. That much is abundantly clear. But I will say that I inherited some of the tendency from Mommy Dearest. Initially when it […]

The Portugal Saga, Part 1: Getting There

Let’s begin this tale of our interesting vacation right at the beginning. How about your reliving with me the drama we experienced in getting there? And so begins our tales of Travels with Toddler… Would it surprise you to learn that despite all my attempts at preparation, as the afternoon of the 19th progressed, we […]

Catalog Hell

Before I begin this next post, I want to thank all of you who responded to the burning question from last week’s Settling In. Just to clarify, I didn’t mean to imply that I didn’t read in the bathroom. No, that’s the only place where I get a moment to read my People Magazine. Yet […]

Settling In

I’ve got a question for my internet friends. It follows an exchange that transpired between AdoringHusband and me last weekend: “AdoringHusband, where are you?” I yelled expectantly into the stairwell, “I’ve got something that I need for you to do.” “Aww, I’m in the bathroom,” he whined. “I just got settled in on the toilet!” […]

I’ve Got To Issue A Citation On This One

I know that none of us is grammatically perfect. See, that should be none of us are grammatically perfect. I left that error in place just to show that I’m as much of a screw up as the next guy. (Wait, is “none” singular or plural? “None” means “no one” so it should be singular.) […]

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