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You Mean You Don’t Worry About That Too?

You Mean You Don’t Worry About That Too or Reason #207 Why I Love My Husband What? You mean that you don’t worry all the time that your car is going to blow up every time you start it? Are you telling me that fear isn’t common or (gulp) normal? Well…I don’t know what my […]

Goodness, 7 Years?

It’s the Ides of March and you know what that means…yep, the day that the AdoringOne and I made it official: 3/15/03 Unlike last year and that truly healing weekend (and evocative blog posting), this anniversary snuck up on us between Zara’s meltdowns and my febrile strep throat and productive cough. Honestly I felt more […]

Conversations with My Husband: #197

This is an actual conversation that transpired between me and my dear AdoringHusband. First let me set the scene. For about the past, oh, 17,000 years I’ve been asking AdoringHusband to clean off the top of his chest in our bedroom.  In addition to the standard detritus of coins, old receipts, wrappers from cough drops, […]

Wipe Incloseability Syndrome

My husband has a disorder. Nah, it’s nothing major, though I don’t think it has a name or is described in any medical or psychological textbook. And despite it’s relatively innocuous clinical presentation, it still bugs the ever living crap out of me! Mostly because it is so insidious and pervasive. How can the man […]

Sweet as Candy

6 years. That’s how long we’ve been married. Not long for many people, but definitely long for us considering how we started. For us, 6 years is a great milestone. On a sunny Saturday in March (March 15, 2003, to be precise) we were joined as husband and wife. Until the day my daughter was […]

Settling In

I’ve got a question for my internet friends. It follows an exchange that transpired between AdoringHusband and me last weekend: “AdoringHusband, where are you?” I yelled expectantly into the stairwell, “I’ve got something that I need for you to do.” “Aww, I’m in the bathroom,” he whined. “I just got settled in on the toilet!” […]

Why Did I Watch This Movie?

Unlike a lot of black folk, I’ve never been a big fan of Tyler Perry. Well I’m not sure that’s really accurate because in order to decide whether or not you are a fan, you would have to have seen the person in question’s work. But I dunno…all the commercials for his Madea movies left […]

Flossing My Bling

From the Urban Dictionary: Flossing (or Flossin’): Showing off; showing what you’ve got. Bling: flashy or gaudy jewelry, named for the sound generated when worn. I guess that’s what you could say I’m doing today. I’m flossing the bling given to me by my dear husband as an anniversary present. But you know there is […]

Tell Me About Yourself

I don’t know how many of you are regular readers of Salon, but last week there was a letter to Cary Tennis in his Since You Asked column that really caught my attention. I get grossed out when I hear, “I’m a mom!” I’m about to be a mom, actually, but I don’t want to […]

Days Late and Dollars Short

So it’s Monday, January 7th and I’m just getting to my resolutions. Yeah well…this could mean that I’ve already begun my new life plan but just took a little while to write it down for my peeps. Or it could just mean that I’m feeling lazy as hell and haven’t wanted to commit to any […]

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