Welcome To The Dollhouse

Fake Tree, Fake Apples…What The Heck?

I’ve returned to my long-ignored blog because I saw something yesterday that I need the help of my internet friends to help me figure out. I just cannot make any sense of what my eyes saw. None whatsoever. I was exiting a conference room at work on Wednesday and passed what looked to be a […]

Toilets Confuse Me…Again

Greetings to all my bloggy-friends from lovely Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m sure that some of you were hoping for a photo-blog posting of the sights here, but I’ll have to disappoint you. Other than Nelson Mandela Square shot with my iPhone, I haven’t even taken out The Precious for any sightseeing. Maybe tomorrow. But for […]

The Next Big Thing

Yes, I’ve been a bit scarce of late…not blogging as much…not knitting…not keeping my peeps up to date with the goings on in Liana-world. Well, I’m finally ready to reveal the reason why (though it is still a work in progress). Friends, I give you the next big thing …(for me, at least). Enjoy!

My Love Connection Debacle, For Your Viewing Pleasure

I cringe as I type this post. I’m serious. The 47 year old me is looking back at that 26 year old me and thinking, what the hell? Were you on bad drugs or just loopy in the head? But a promise is a promise. And a long, long time ago, I promised my 3 […]

Lelli Kelly Fail!

I’m a bit tweaked right now. And before I get into it, let me say that I’m glad that my brother is currently not speaking to me, otherwise I know he’d have to attack me again for “thinking too much.” I’m happy that I don’t have that devaluation from my family to deal with as […]

Summertime Confusion

How many of you know the beautiful song, Summertime, from the Gershwin opera Porgy & Bess? If your answer is yes, good on you. If no, then you can be in the company of my dear AdoringHusband who had never heard the song, nor had he heard of the opera before I clued him in. […]

The Census & Civil Disobedience: No Check Box for My Kidlet

Excuse me while I have a bit of a rant today, my friends. The subject of my rant is actually nothing new, I’m sorry to report. It actually began with the last census in 2000, it seems. But at that time I was either unaware, unenlightened, or not close enough to the issue for it […]

Scott Taper Ain’t The Boss of Me

There seems to be a full moon tonight. I know that this was supposed to bring out werewolves and the crazy folk, but is it also a jackass attractant? I know. You’re wondering where’s she going with this and who the heck is Scott Taper? Well I’m getting to the former and the latter is […]

Lines That Shouldn’t Be Crossed

I opted to write the lighthearted post that I did yesterday because I wasn’t able at the time to write the real post that I needed to get out. I was a bit too busy feeling both disgusted and heartsick. This time it was me who needed to be distracted. The fact of the matter […]

Proper Usage of “Oh My God!” For Those Who Might Be Confused

I’ve got something to teach you guys. I know that I’m supposed to be thinking about Thanksgiving preparation and all, but here’s a lesson that really bears repeating. First, let me set the stage. I live in an area that’s probably considered traditionally suburban: lots of farmland that has been turned into your typical SUV-favored, […]

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